The Whole 30, Day 5

I have nothing terribly exciting to say today; so, just a quick post. I am finding that breakfast is the hardest meal to make well rounded and healthy (only because I am trying to do 8,000 things in the morning before I leave to see patients!) When I had a dozen hard boiled eggs ready to go in the beginning of the week, it was a no brainer, but we ate those quickly. My usual breakfast pre-Whole 30 was a Primal Fuel shake on the way to work. We ordered the Primal Fuel from Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple. It is a really healthy shake, made with coconut milk, but since I’m not positive its Whole 30 compliant I have been making my own smoothies in the blender. So, this morning (again) I had a smoothie on the way to work, and also ½ salmon patty from dinner.

Salmon and Smoothie                                                                           

I worked all day, so lunch was another full salmon patty, an apple and macadamias.

Dinner was one of my favorite meals – Dave’s burgers! My hubby makes the best burger ever. We ate them on lettuce buns (as usual!) with sweet potatoes topped with ghee. Dave put the condiments on my plate, but I ended up only using a tiny bit of mustard, since the catsup had sugar in it (grrrr…..even though it is organic).

Pan Seared Burger

My goal over the weekend is to do more cooking so that I have easy to grab breakfast meals next week. Are you doing The Whole 30? If so, leave me a comment so I can hear how you are doing!

  1. Hi! I am on Day 9 of Whole 30 and loving it so far! It does take a bit of pre-planning. Of course, my husband, friends, and family all think I’m nuts. But I’m feeling great! I have issues with staying asleep, so I’m hoping this will help me sleep better.

  2. Hi Jean,
    Yes, planning and pre-cooking are the key to success! Everyone thinks I’m nuts, too; but, that’s ok. I have always been a bit different 😉
    I hope the sleeping issue is improving! Keep me posted! I’m actually sleeping great, and waking up at 6:30-7am ready to get up – that has never happened in my whole life!

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