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Review of Assess and Correct: Breaking Barriers to Unlock Performance

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Review of Assess and Correct

Assess and Correct: Breaking Barriers to Unlock Performance is a resource put out by Bill Hartman, PT, CSCS, USAW, Mike Robertson, MS, CSCS, USAW, and Eric Cressey, MA, CSCS in 2009. As they say on the DVD cover, “this is the first product to empower athletes and fitness enthusiasts with not only a series of self-assessments to identify muscular imbalances; but, also exercise progressions to correct those inefficiencies.”

The resource includes:

  • 27 dynamic self-assessments
  • A Comprehensive Static Assessment Guide
  • 78 corrective exercises for improving mobility and stability (based on the results of your self-assessment)
  • A written collection of warm ups specific to certain athletic populations
  • A complete guide to self-soft tissue work, and a rationale for it

Assess and Correct gives you 2 DVD’s. The first guides you through the 27 assessments, while the second demonstrates the 78 corrective exercises showing progressions from beginner to advanced. Both DVD’s have helpful visual and vocal coaching cues to bring your attention to what you should focus on in each assessment and corresponding correction.

Also included in the package are 4 e-books. The first is a 137 page manual that details all of the assessments and corrective exercises, the second is a 21 page resource of warm ups broken down by type of sport/activity, third is a guide to self-soft tissue work using foam rollers and other tools, and the fourth is a collection of stretches.

This resource would make a great addition to the learning library of any strength and conditioning specialist, personal trainer, coach, athlete, or active individual. I think it would be especially useful for coaches working with high school athletes, to heighten awareness of postural and developmental issues that can be addressed before they become injuries that lead to lost playing time. The $127.00 price of this resource will be recouped within the first several months that you use it with your clients.

For the seasoned ATC or PT, the first DVD is a review of the type of upper and lower quarter screen we use with patients already; yet, I found myself taking notes while I watched the second DVD, as I saw how to break down the exercises on a scale from beginner to advanced. It gave me some ideas of how to break a few exercises down for my patients with extremely tight muscles and/or balance issues.

All in all, this is a solid resource from three of the biggest names in the corrective exercise scene. I would recommend it to anyone looking to increase their knowledge of how to screen and correct issues that lead to nagging injuries if not properly addressed through training.

I am now an Affiliate for this resource. You can buy it through my website – see the sidebar and click on the Assess and correct icon.

Happy New Year!!

Happy 2012!I have not put up a real blog post over the holidays; but, I have been working hard on some things that are coming out over the next few weeks:

My second guest blog post for Eric Cressey of Cressey Performance has been sent out! I will let everyone know when it goes live. The topic is Trigger Point Dry Needling and Rotator Cuff Injuries. Check out Eric’s fantastic blog at

I did a guest post for Stephanie of 321delish that will be going live in the next few weeks. The topic was “5 Reasons to See a Physical Therapist before You Are Injured.” Again, I will post the link when it goes live; but, in the meantime, check out Steph and Chloe’s blog at

I received a huge care package from Athleta a week ago (yea!) They sent me several outfits to try out and review. I am having so much fun wearing the different outfits for various activities, and dressing them up or down depending on the situation. I will be putting together a photo and video review, as well as a written review – look for it right here within the next 2 weeks.

I received a nice package from Eric Cressey as well and will be reviewing his “Assess and Correct” products. The product contains a DVD as well as four written guides. I will be making my way through the materials in January and posting about it when I finish.

I did an interview with Jarod Carter for his blog. The interview was about my experience with opening my private practice. Jarod also runs a cash-based practice, and his blog seeks to help more PT’s become private practitioners and business owners. See Jarod’s blog at

I was contacted by Web PT (the EMR platform we use for patient charts and record keeping). They asked to speak with me about opening my private practice. We will be doing a phone interview on January 5th, so I will post the link when I have it.

I will be teaching a class on Prevention and Treatment of Running Injuries at Athleta D.C. in February, so I’ll let everyone know the date once it’s finalized. I would love to see you there!,4301671&clink=4301671

On February 4th I will be taking a 1 day MovNat course with the hysterically funny and amazingly strong Clifton Harski. I will do an entire blog post on this experience. I have been looking forward to it for months, and I hassle Clif nearly every day on Twitter (he’s really fun to interact with and I can’t wait to meet him in person). You will be blown away by MovNat – watch their videos here

Last, but not least, I am contributing to a chapter in a book (shhhh, you didn’t hear it from me!) Details will follow!

I’m really looking forward to all of these projects coming to fruition in the next few months and I can’t wait to see what else is on the horizon for Prana Physical Therapy! Thank you for being a part of this exciting venture!

Thank you for a wonderful 2011!



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