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Get Over Yourself

Get Over Yourself

ameriloan payday payday loans payday loans no credit checks no paperwork – Get Over Yourself – Article by Jerry Durham, PT Edited by Ann Wendel, PT, ATC, CMTPT Let’s review— a Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is a promise to provide services that a customer will find of great worth. The value you bring to your clients is unique to you. Clients can’t get YOU anywhere else. Once you determine your UVP, you must make sure to share it appropriately; yet, many business owners are uncomfortable selling themselves. I have worked with business owners to help them shape and define their UVP. Many business owners get stuck when I ask about the unique value they bring to their customers. They can talk about their services, products and their company’s commitment to long lasting partnerships. But when it comes to sharing more about themselves, they clam up. I think it’s hard to toot your own horn without feeling arrogant. Typically our values teach us to be humble, to say please and thank you. So it can be understandably difficult to talk about our strengths. If you allow yourself the indulgence of thinking about this, you might be shocked at how uniquely valuable you really are. Here are some tips you can follow to present a more compelling case when you talk about your unique value proposition: Opening Lines Choose a few key words to get the conversation started. Have a few bullet points that you can talk about in a quick 10-second snippet and in a longer conversation when relevant. Your key words should explain your particular approach to what you do. Below are examples from people outside the Healthcare world that can be used for starting conversations.  For example, one business owner I spoke with likes to start with the […]

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