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In My Shoes

In My Shoes

People always ask me, “What are you up to now?” In my last update about a year ago, I shared that I was closing the patient care side of my practice to focus on my consulting, writing, speaking and media work. I have had a productive and successful year with my writing for Impact Magazine and Girls Gone Strong, I have spoken at conferences and met many people all over the country who are doing fantastic work, I have had the privilege of serving as an APTA Media Spokesperson, I have assisted five business owners in starting their cash based practice, and I was fortunate enough to better get to know Ryan Klepps and Scott Hebert of Strive Labs. I first met Ryan and Scott at PPS 2013 in New Orleans. They were impressive recent DPT grads who were venturing into the online space with a platform for home exercises and patient management. I followed their progress from a distance until we reconnected at WebPT’s Ascend Conference in September 2015. Listening to their presentation I thought, “Everything they are talking about is what I painstakingly did all on my own to connect and re-connect with my patients!” I immediately needed to know more about the way they had pivoted their business and developed a complete system for Patient Relationship Management. Over a hilarious dinner that will live in infamy, I got to know not just their business, but also their personalities. Both Ryan and Scott are bright, hard-working, humble, and dedicated to our profession. They have built not only a business, but a culture around their company, Strive Labs. As we talked, I knew that I wanted to be part of what they were doing. So, several hilarious dinners and outings later (shout out to Harry Potter World), I am […]

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