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Brainwashed: Change requires starting with a clean slate.

Brainwashed: Change requires starting with a clean slate.

Brainwashed: Change requires starting with a clean slate This one’s for all the PT’s in the house. Most of the writing I do on my blog is for patients: to provide information, encourage, and teach self-care techniques. Today I’m writing for my peer group. I would like to preface this post by saying that I am not currently a member of the APTA. Before you leave this website or think that I have no right to have an opinion on an organization that I am not part of, let me explain to you the major reason that I am not a current APTA member: In October 2011, I left a job that was meeting all of my financial needs to pursue my dream of being a self-employed physical therapist. I took a risk, and the reward has been great. I opened my business without a single patient on my books. It was the scariest thing I have ever done; but, I believed that I had a unique service to offer and a community that would value that service enough to become my clients. In eight months, I have gone from zero patients per week to averaging twenty patients a week. Anyone who has ever run a business knows that this is no small feat. And, I did it without a small business loan, without six months of savings in the bank (I wouldn’t recommend anyone do this), without participating with any insurance providers, and without being in any way connected to a physician for referrals. I am proud of my accomplishments, grateful to my patients, forever indebted to my husband and children, and appreciative of the help of the other physical therapists I work in concert with on a daily basis. I believe that I have a unique viewpoint, and […]

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