Review of Eat Like a Dinosaur by The Paleo Parents

Eat Like a Dinosaur Book CoverI received my advance copy of Eat Like a Dinosaur the other day and I am so excited to review it! This book is a labor of love from Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry, AKA The Paleo Parents. Stacy and Matt’s story is truly inspiring. They are the parents of 3 boys (6, 3, and 1) who turned their family’s life around through making good decisions around food.

At the time that Stacy discovered the principles of a paleo lifestyle, she had just given birth to their 3rd son. Desiring to give up dairy and get her health under control, she began reading about paleo. She soon converted Matt, and then they realized that their children could benefit from this way of eating too.

Stacy and Matt have lost a combined total of over 200 pounds in less than 15 months, and transformed the health of their children as well. They accomplished all of this by eating real, whole foods and by getting their kids excited about the food choices they have.

This book has over 100 recipes for families, from those with food allergies to those who simply struggle with getting their kids excited about asparagus. Eat Like a Dinosaur explains the idea of an ancestral-based approach to eating. The recipes and projects engage the whole family to spend time together having fun with food. The book gives step by step instructions, pointing out where children can help with the food preparation process.

For families with food allergies, the book visually highlights the top 8 allergens so that kids can self-identify recipes that work for them. All recipes are dairy, wheat, peanut and soy free. Those containing fish, shellfish, tree nuts, and eggs are easily identified. This easy system helps kids to get excited about the choices they do have, rather than focusing attention on what they cannot have.

The book also contains a chapter for parents, where Stacy and Matt share tips and tricks on how to approach diet changes with your kids, as well as provide information on tools and ingredients for your kitchen. Chapter 2 is a story about eating like a dinosaur, told by Cole, their 6 year old son. Chapters include everything from main dishes to special treats and cover packing lunches as well.

This book is a wonderful addition to any family’s bookshelf. My children are older than Stacy and Matt’s (10 and 13 years old); but, they love looking through the book and have already picked out dishes they want to try. Our 13 year old loves to help cook, and we are transitioning her to cooking dinner one night a week on her own. Tonight she is going to make Lemon Dill Salmon – I can’t wait!

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