Creating Your Cash Based Practice

Over the past few years I’ve received countless emails, Tweets and phone calls from therapists with questions about starting and running a cash based practice. I’ve had the privilege to work one on one with some excellent therapists who are now venturing out on their own with this practice model; but, I can only help so many people at a time that way.

I’m excited to launch my first Webinar designed to help you create the practice of your dreams. Thinking Outside the Box: Creating Your Cash Based Practice was designed to answer your questions. Whether you’re starting a new 100% cash based practice, transitioning from an insurance based to cash based practice, or looking to add cash based services to your existing practice, you’ll find what you need here.



To your success!

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  1. Hello, Ann –
    I just finished your webinar on cash based physical therapy practice, and I must say that I was so grateful for it. I have had the pleasure of running largely cash based practices in both Vermont and New York for the last 12 years. While I have done insurances since 2008, I am now leaving them since working with insurances seems to be antithetical to doing what I enjoy most: wellness, massage and alternative healing. I understand you set up your own forms and that you seem to enjoy using EMR, while I basically loathe it. Oh well, the price we pay… 🙂
    Anyway, I understand that myofascial release, Travell Trigger Point work and joint mobilizations in their many manifestations are considered PT, what about my other manual treatments which utilize massage,CranioSacral Therapy, Shen massage, Reflexology,and Zero Balancing? Do these “hands on” modalities qualify as wellness work or should I consider them as Physical Therapy because of “the laying on of hands?” I’ve always considered the latter group as wellness work since I know Medicare and insurances do not cover them – at least not as far as I know. Thank you – Jodi
    PS In Vermont I can legally practice massage in all these ways since they do not require any licensure or certifications. In all of these areas I have received substantial training. I am a confessed continuing education junkie.

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