Why Prana PT?

Prana Physical Therapy is not your typical physical therapy clinic. We only treat one patient at a time. We don’t utilize ancillary personnel to take you through your therapeutic exercise program. We focus on you, and your goals, for the entire treatment time. We know that you have probably told your story to several different healthcare providers by the time you get to us. You may be frustrated by your pain, lack of progress, restrictions of your insurance, and the impact your injury is having on your life. We are ready to listen to what you have to say, and to partner with you in your recovery.

We utilize many different treatment modalities to help you, depending on your symptoms. You will be evaluated by a licensed physical therapist to determine the root cause of the problem you are experiencing. Using the data collected in this initial evaluation, along with your medical history, we will work with you to set goals and develop a treatment plan. You will be an active part in your recovery, as we provide patient education and teach you a home exercise program. You will also be educated in proper body mechanics, nutrition, and stress reduction techniques.

We are experts at treating the whole person. Our knowledge from over 20 years in the healthcare field includes experience in every setting from acute on-field care of high school and college athletes to inpatient neurological rehabilitation. We have treated patients with conditions ranging from sprained ankles to traumatic brain injury. We are passionate about listening to you and working with you to achieve your goals.

Our treatment modalities include manual therapy, joint mobilization, therapeutic stretching and strengthening, core stabilization training, Thai Yoga Therapy, high level balance training and Trigger Point Dry Needling. We also provide Wellness Consultations and Visits to allow continuity of care after you are discharged from formal physical therapy. Our office is conveniently located in Alexandria, VA with ample on street parking.

We look forward to partnering with you to reach your goals!

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