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The Whole 30, Days 9-13

Hi everyone! This week kind of got away from me, and I wasn’t as good about posting meals every day; but, I did take some photos, and I had a breakthrough in my understanding of why I am doing The Whole 30. Breakfasts this week were a bit easier, thanks to some planning ahead. The Nutty Blueberry Protein Balls from Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Meals were a fast, tasty way to start off the day with my coffee (funny, maybe I am adapting to not having sugar because my coffee doesn’t taste as bad as it did the first week). The other amazing food item that has made my week easier is Primal Pacs. If you haven’t tried these, stop reading this and go order some right now! I have been eating beef jerky for the past 7-8 months; but, I never really loved it before. This beef jerky is so good! The Primal Pacs have Organic Grass Fed/Grass Finished beef jerky, mango, macadamia nuts, Marcona Almonds, cranberries and spices. They have The Whole 30 blessing, they travel well and they rock! You can tell I love them (I even lick the bag!) I have begged the indoor climbing gym (Sportrock) to sell these at the front desk for the gluten free Paleo crowd and they are looking into it – they got in touch with the Paleo Pacs peeps yesterday. Yea, networking! My other breakfasts this week included eggs and sausages Banana, avocado with olive oil, macadamias and sausages Lunches were either Primal Pacs or leftovers from dinner the night before with the random baked sweet potato or butternut squash on the side. On to dinners! Burgers with butternut squash and lettuce buns (no photo). Beef with carrots, celery, onions, demi glace and rosemary (heaven!) poor […]

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