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Power Supply – Delicious Paleo Meals

Power Supply - Delicious Paleo Meals

In keeping with the theme of building community, I wanted to let all of you local DC/MD/VA readers know about a fantastic company right in our area, called Power Supply. for buying cars renovating I was fortunate enough to meet Robert Morton (and business partner Patrick Smith) at AHS12. Through our conversation, I realized they were the geniuses behind the company Power Supply, which provides delicious Paleo meals delivered to over 20 local Crossfit gyms. They describe the company as: “Two guys whose lives were changed by Crossfit/Paleo, a whole bunch of energy for helping others see the same results we did, a total jedi chef and awesome support from the local CrossFit community… that’s the ingredient list for Power Supply.” Their chef, Rachelle Slotnik (a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, Dave’s Alma Matter), prepares healthy gluten, grain, legume, seed oil free meals which are delivered twice a week to local Crossfit gyms for pick up during the gym’s business hours. Non Crossfitters can utilize this meal service, too. This is a great idea for folks who don’t like to/want to/have time to cook every day, as well as families who want to have a few quick, easy, healthy meals in the refrigerator for busy week night dinners. I highly encourage you to check out their website to learn more about how this works. With back to school chaos right around the corner, I know that our household will benefit from having prepared, fresh, healthy meals on hand that Dave doesn’t have to cook and I don’t have to clean up!

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