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The Whole 30, Days 6, 7 & 8

I made it through my first weekend on The Whole 30! This is just a quick summary of the past 3 days. Friday morning started out with the usual rush to work. I grabbed a Lara Bar (we can eat some dates according to Dallas! Yea!), a banana and poured a can of coconut milk in a glass. I ate while driving to work. I would not recommend this breakfast or method of eating to anyone, I was just in a hurry (and it was compliant with Whole 30).  I ate a quick lunch at my desk (the last salmon patty and an apple). We were running out to a friend’s house Friday night, so we had a quick dinner of beef tenderloin and sautéed veggies. online payday loans coloradobad credit quick cash loan   It was interesting being out socially on The Whole 30. I was fine drinking water with lemon; but, I got peppered with questions about why I was doing what I was doing. Trying to explain the ins and outs of this to people at a party is not much fun. Most folks really can’t comprehend why you would want to deny yourself certain foods, especially when they think you are “fit enough”, “thin enough”, “already healthy”, or my favorite “so restrictive with what you eat already.” It’s my policy to avoid being the one to bring the topic of food up in a group, and to only discuss it with people who are really seeking information to make a change. Everyone else just wants to argue with me, and I don’t enjoy that. I never want to act judgmental as food is a very personal thing. On Saturday morning I made a smoothie and some eggs to have with my black coffee. Simple, but good. […]

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