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Interview with Pedro Borrego: A Revolutionary Clinic Model

Interview with Pedro Borrego: A Revolutionary Clinic Model

Interview with Pedro Borrego Last week on Twitter a conversation started about Walk In or Urgent Care Centers for physical therapy, and quickly progressed to this question: The Latest Christopher Bise ‏@ptbise @PranaPT @PTBAlliance @Adam_P_Carson @Jerry_DurhamPT What if the model flipped? Why cant surgeons work for PT owned surgery center? #SolvePT 11:49 AM – 3 Mar 2014     Ann Wendel ‏@PranaPT Mar 3   @ptbise @PTBAlliance @Adam_P_Carson @Jerry_DurhamPT Talk to @pedro_borrego about that – he’s doing it in Spain. We had a great conversation of over 195 comments, which led me to believe it would be well worth interviewing Pedro to find out more about what he is doing. In 1993, Pedro started the first physical therapy clinic in his town in Spain, and has grown it into a business which serves as a revolutionary clinic model for those of us in the US. I have known Pedro through social media and email for about 2 years now, and I am blown away by what he has done. I hope you enjoy the interview!     Q: First, Pedro, tell us about the education process in Spain to become a physical therapist. A: Spain has become one of those countries in which physiotherapy education has improved since I went to University: I got my degree in 1992, a three years education in a recently established program in University of Salamanca. At that time the University didn’t offer a Master or Doctorate, so I got a foreign upgrade in General San Martin University (Argentina) and finished my first Masters degree in Healthcare Management. Nowadays this permits to me to teach as professor in the main private Distance University (UDIMA). In 2006 I reached my doctorate degree and I am preparing today a new doctoral thesis to fix the degree about […]

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