PPS13 In My Shoes

PPS13 In My Shoes

Red shoes

PPS13 In My Shoes

I just got back from PPS13 in New Orleans, and all I can say is WOW. What a spectacular time. Everything was top notch, from the programming to the closing party. I did a recap for WebPT here.

While I made the point in my post for WebPT that PPS13 was all about connecting, I want to share more of the personal side of my trip here on my blog. I got to see old friends and made new friends, and I got to sit and talk with the leaders of our profession about business and life. What a rush to get together with other private practice owners who could listen, display empathy, get excited for my successes, and offer advice for the future. Here are some of the highlights from my trip:

We got to meet up with a friend of mine before the conference started. He does a lot of work in NOLA in the fitness industry, and was able to give us a tour of the New Orleans Athletic Club. This place was absolutely amazing. It opened in 1872 and is one of the oldest athletic clubs in the states. Where else can you work out on an elliptical machine in a room filled with chandeliers?!


Their indoor pool is open to the 2nd level, where they have a boxing ring!

NOAC pool

After our tour, we went to have lunch with some friends from Kentucky (shout out to Patrick @PatrickMyersPT), Brad (@MyPTapexbrad) and Nick (@NickAustinPT)). And then we made our way to the famous Pat O’ Brien’s for Hurricanes. In the rain. We had a few…

Pat O briens

Over Hurricanes, I met Quinn Worden (@PTsAreHeros). Quinn is an impressive 24 year old with a vision to change the supply chain for physical therapy products. Check out his company PT United to see how you can forget about keeping a stock room full of products for your clinic and order directly through Quinn. The best part is that my patients can order equipment directly through my website from PT United and have it delivered to their home. Here’s me and Quinn in the Superdome (more on that later)!

me and Quinn

The next day, I attended Larry Benz’s (@PhysicalTherapy) talk on “What Patients Want.” Key points: a knowledgable therapist who runs on time and displays empathy. I got to spend some time getting to know Larry at PPS and he impresses me a great deal.

Larry talk

I finally got to meet owner of WebPT,  Heidi Jannenga (@HeidiJannenga)and talk with some of the WebPT (@WebPT) employees.

Me Heidi

I met and spend a good amount of time talking to Jeff Hathaway (@ProActivePT). If you are looking for someone who understands where physical therapy is and where we should be going, talk to Jeff. He found me by my pink pants, which I had posted on Twitter prior to leaving for PPS.

Jeff H

One of the highlights of my trip was a dinner at Clancy’s, hosted by Jason Richardson (@TNBackPain). Jason is a passionate therapist who has a vision for the future. He gathered together an amazing group of people for an unforgettable evening of food and conversation. Mike Eisenhart (@mikeeisenhart) posted a great account of that dinner, so I’ll let you read it in his words here.

Here are some of the great photos from dinner:

Jason's dinner

these guys@Jerry_DurhamPT @TNBackPain and @Sturdy

me and Jerry dinnerMe and Jerry Durham

On Friday I heard Jarod Carter (@DrJarodCarter) speak on one of my favorite topics: Cash Based Physical Therapy. And, after 2 years of talking with Jarod via phone, email and social media, I finally got to meet him and hang out for a while. Jarod is a great guy and a hard worker:

me and jarod

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, they did. We attended the closing party for PPS which started at the hotel, turned into a parade marching through the streets of new Orleans with a marching band and police escorts, and ended at the Superdome! The organizers of PPS really did an outstanding job – we had food, drinks and a field goal kicking contest on the field in the Superdome. It was unreal!

Superdome outside

I also got to talk with Jamey Schrier (@JameySchrier). Jamey and I went to undergrad together at U of Delaware. We toiled through our PT school pre-requisites together, and then attended U of Maryland for PT School a few years apart. Jamey owns a clinic in Maryland and also provides business coaching. I am taking part in his virtual workshop, The 21 Day Jump Start.

Me and Jamey

As you can see, my week in New Orleans was filled with fun, learning, inspiration, and connecting with friends new and old. I highly recommend attending PPS next year. Who knows, you could get lucky and get to hang out with Richard Simmons…

Richard simmons

  1. Thanks for the kind words Ann! It was great to finally meet in person.

  2. You nailed it Ann…..

    PPS 2013 was one of the Top 2 Conferences I have attended in my 20 years as a PT. The new relationships built there will last a lonnnnnng time


  3. Wow! Looks like you had a great experience. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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