The Death Wrap

The Death Wrap

If you are an ATC or PT, chances are you will have an athlete who sustains a deep quad contusion at some point. Here, my friend Jesse Dimick, ATC/PTA demonstrates a technique he uses with his athletes as the Clinic Director at in the Boston, MA area. Jesse can be found on Twitter @jdimick

Death Wrap for Deep Quad Contusions


Supply List

QDA (tuff skin)
2 inch elastikon (AC tape)
pre wrap

2 inch stretch tape


Spray area with tuff skin.
Lay down pre wrap.
Cut half strip of Elastikon.  You do not want to go completely around extremity with these strips.
Have athlete brace themselves because you will want to lay down Elastikon strips with some force.When applying to quad have a tape roll under heel to keep knee slightly flexed and relaxed.  Pull strips to full tension and apply over injured area overlapping strips approximately 1-2 inches above and below the contusion.

Complete wrap by covering the area with stretch tape with mid tension.

This wrap works best when applied immediately after the injury and kept on for 12 hours until the first treatment. The athlete will keep it on overnight until treatment the next day.  I normally re-apply and use for a total of 48-72 hours.

  1. Why is that called a “death wrap”?

  2. Brian,

    I would have to ask Jesse if there is any story behind the name; but, it’s my guess that since the purpose is to give compression to reduce the bleeding in the muscle, that’s probably how it got its name. In my experience, it’s usually one of the athletes who comes up with a name like that!

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