What the “bleep” is Paleo?

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Since I did my post on 5 Random Things, I have had people ask me what the <bleep> is Paleo?  The short answer is that Paleo is short for Paleolithic and refers to a lifestyle and eating plan similar to that of our pre-agricultural ancestors.  No, this isn’t an historical re-enactment, this is a way of living that gets back to eating good, whole foods that are gluten, grain and legume free with little or no dairy. Here is how Robb Wolf, one of the leading Paleo proponents explains it:

In simple terms the paleo diet is built from modern foods that (to the best of our ability) emulate the foods available to our pre-agricultural ancestors: Meat, fish, fowl, vegetables, fruits, roots, tubers and nuts. On the flip-side we see an omission of grains, legumes and dairy. As this is directed to folks new to the paleo diet idea we need to address the “What Abouts.” This is the seemingly endless list of ingredients that folks ask: “What about artificial sweeteners, agave nectar, red wine…” In simple terms, if it’s not meat, fish, fowl, vegetables, fruits, roots tubers or nuts…it’s a “no-go.” At least initially. I like to see people go after paleo strictly in the beginning so we get the best possible results, then folks can tinker from there. I’ve detailed all of this information in my FAQ shopping and food guide, and quick start guides. These are all available for free (you do not need to buy the book to get any of the information) and it details all of the special considerations of autoimmunity, fat loss, athletic performance and muscle gain.

If you have any interest in how the Paleo lifestyle can benefit you, Robb’s book and website will keep you occupied for hours.  He is the witty, tough love teacher of all things Paleo (a former research biochemist with an attitude, who wants to show you that science can be cool!)



You may be asking yourself, “Why would I want to give up my healthy, whole grains along with my bagels, Krispy Kremes, corn chips and pizza?”  Because whole grains are proven gut irritants.  Yes, folks, wheat germ agglutinin damages our intestinal lining and lectins (proteins in grains) are then transported intact through the intestinal lining.  The large, intact protein molecules in our system then cause our immune system to mount an attack against what it perceives as foreign invaders, and we get an inflammatory response.  The inflammatory response can then lead to celiac disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, hypothyroidism and lots of other nasty diseases.  The good news is that even if you already have one or more of these diseases, following a gluten, grain and legume free eating plan can significantly reduce the often painful symptoms of the disease and help to heal your gut.  I went gluten free 2 years ago and had improvement in most of my symptoms related to Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis; but, 6 months I went Paleo and my health skyrocketed to another level.  Trust me, this works.

Along with the eating plan, a Paleo lifestyle involves smart exercise (lift heavy things, move every day), good, quality sleep (8 hours in a totally dark room), and utilizing techniques to decrease stress.  I love looking at different websites for ideas on exercise and lifestyle choices, so here are a few I look at daily:




And, before you say you can’t possibly do this because you have kids, a job, a home to take care of, laundry to do………..check out Sarah Fragoso who does all of the above.



Do some reading, check out the website links, let’s talk more about this……..


Be well!

  1. hey there this was just the data I was seeking, do you mind easily talk about it along with my own viewers ? Kiley Kuse – http://jarrodsude.newsvine.com

    • Yes you can use our data just make sure to link back to our site and mention Ann Wendel as the original author. Thanks!

  2. I have Hashi’s as well. Can I ask what symptoms improved? I have been cutting back (most days) on grains and reading tons on paleo but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I need some more encouragement! Thanks!

  3. Emmy,

    Here is a link to a more recent article I wrote, which goes into more detail:


    Feel free ask more questions after you read it!

    You can do it – I know you’ll feel better!


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