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Why I decided to go back into private practice (AKA Why I would leave a good paying job with full benefits)

Since I have been asked this question multiple times lately, I figured I would answer it in my first blog post as an unempl….I mean self-employed physical therapist.  Many of you know that I was in private practice from 2003-2006 in Alexandria, VA.  After three years of successful private practice, the (un)perfect storm of events conspired to make it clear that I needed to make some changes.  In 2006 I went to work for two of the most gifted PT’s I know at Hand -N- Hand Therapy in Arlington, VA.  I learned so much from these ladies; but, in 2007 I needed health insurance and some of the benefits of a big company.  I went to work for a large physical therapy company.  During my time at said large orthopedic physical therapy practice, I was able to update my skills with post-op orthopedic patients and also take some amazing continuing education (insert shameless plug for Myopain Seminars).  After 100 hours of classroom education and training (and a million more hours of driving and studying, not to mention getting stuck by my partner with hundreds of needles….but I digress), I successfully passed the written and practical exams to become a Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist (i.e. I can now utilize dry needling in my practice).  After 6 months of incorporating dry needling as a modality, I began to think outside the box again, and realized there was so much more I could do to help my patients………..but not in that setting. The large physical therapy practice I worked for was IMO the best around, so by no means is this about them.  This is about the state of physical therapy (and healthcare) in general.  As providers, we want to have a steady paycheck and full benefits to support our families; but, […]

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