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Since I posted my last article explaining the importance of supporting physical therapists in Maryland around the challenge to their state practice act, there has been a lot of discussion in social media regarding the dry needling issue. Detractors of dry needling seized this opportunity to launch yet another attack on the technique, with the same old arguments. My response on Twitter in particular has been to get across the message that whether or not you accept the evidence behind the use of dry needling, this is about an issue bigger than arguing the research behind one particular technique. THIS IS ABOUT SUPPORTING COLLEAGUES IN OUR OWN PROFESSION AS THEY FIGHT AGAINST THE ABILITY OF OUTSIDE INTERESTS TO DICTATE OUR STATE PRACTICE ACT! Did that come across loud and clear? Make no mistake, the Maryland Acupuncture Society has sent out an alert nationwide to other state chapters encouraging acupuncturists to send letters to the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. They are encouraging their members to write letters to influence the decision being made. Don’t believe me? You can see it right here: 200 dollar loans direct payday loan lenders texas The problem is that they are asking for letters of support based on faulty information and confusion of the issue, as seen from direct excerpts of their letter to the Maryland Board of Physical Therapy Examiners: “As licensed acupuncturists are already extensively and competently trained and duly licensed to employ the use of this procedure in their daily treatment of patients, MAS holds that there is little to no public need established to justify allowing physical therapists to conduct this invasive procedure with such minimal requirements for competent education, training, and regulatory monitoring as these regulations would allow. For these reason, we strongly suggest that these regulations […]

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