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Perfect “Hard Boiled” Eggs

Happy New Year! I know that many of you are doing a Whole 30 right now to kick off the new year right. The question I’m most frequently asked when I work with a new consulting client is: “What will I eat for breakfast?” (Usually said like “BUUUTT, Whaaaaaaaaat will I eat for breeeeaaaaakfast?!?!) As I made my breakfast this morning, I thought it might be a good idea to share how we make perfect “hard boiled” eggs. Since great minds think alike, my friend, Michelle (AKA NomNom), did a post on hard boiled eggs this morning too! I have quotes on the title of this post because to get a perfect result, you don’t boil the eggs at all! The perfect egg is steamed, not boiled. That’s right – you heard it here first! I only know this because my husband went to culinary school (i.e. I am totally spoiled). Here is our “recipe” for perfect hard boiled eggs: Step 1: Start with high quality eggs.   percent   faxless payday cash loans               Payday Loan Direct Lenders 100 Acceptance Step 2: Place the eggs in a steamer basket while you boil a small amount of water in the bottom pot of the steamer.               Step 3: Once the water is boiling, place the steamer basket with the eggs on top of the pot of water. Place the lid on top.                   Step 4: Set timer for 15 min. Step 5: When timer goes off, take steamer basket out, place eggs in a bowl of very cold water.                   Step 6: Tap each egg on the counter to crack the shell. […]

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