Patient’s Rights (or lack thereof)……….AKA You guys need to get mad and do something!

So there has been a good deal of underground rumbling going on in the PT world this week. Because I like to be well informed (i.e. I’m a nerd), I participate in all sorts of social media to stay on top of things. Using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow me to “talk” with people all over the world and hear about trends. The trend I am paying attention to this week is that PT’s in private practice are mad! And you, the consumer/patient, should be mad too! Why should you be mad? Because no one fully explains your rights to you as a patient, and things are going on that affect you, and you have no idea about it! The issues that affect you and your ability to access the health insurance you pay for every month include the following: 1) You have a choice of where you want to receive physical therapy. Your doctor can make a recommendation, but cannot require you to go to a specific PT clinic (especially one that he/she owns). This is actually illegal; but, it happens all the time. If I had a dollar for every time a patient told me, “I had no idea I could go somewhere else” I would be a rich woman. When your doctor recommends physical therapy (or when you ask your doctor for a physical therapy referral, which is also your right as a patient), they can give you a list of options for your care. They can also mention that they have a physician owned physical therapy clinic (POPTS) next door or across town, but they cannot require you to receive your therapy there. emergency same day loansforeign country would 2) If you want to see a therapist who does not participate with insurance companies, call your […]

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Prana Physical Therapy is co-sponsoring The Animal Flow Workshop

We are excited to bring you Miami’s Mike Fitch with Global Bodyweight Training for a 2 day Instructor Training Course in Animal Flow.  This system of exercise is fun, challenging and effective for your higher level clients who want to take fitness to the next level.  Open to PT’s, ATC’s Personal Trainers, CSCS, Yoga and Pilates Instructors, CrossFit Instructors, Group Exercise Instructors and Advanced Fitness Enthusiasts. Click here for detail and registration.

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Happenings in the ‘hood’

Some exciting things are happening in my new neighborhood, so I thought I would share! will refrainfast cash advance bad credit Last night was the Opening Party for Athleta DC in Georgetown.  Athleta sells fabulous women’s active wear, workout clothing and accessories.  The products have only been available via catalog until November 2nd, when they opened the first store in L.A. The second store opened in Philadelphia on Nov.9th and then last night was the Private Shopping Event in Georgetown. (Thanks to Gina from Athleta DC who sent me an invite!)  The store is beautiful and right in the middle of everything on M Street.  The event was packed, with ladies changing in the aisles to try stuff on instead of standing in line for the waiting room!  Tuxedo clad servers carried drinks and appetizers and credit cards were being pulled out left and right – these ladies were there to SHOP!  I decided to shop from my computer at home later, but really went there to soak up the vibe and meet Gina.  She has done a fantastic job of getting the store opened and getting the word out to everyone involved in health and fitness in the DC area.  I plan to get involved at the M Street location teaching some workshops, so I will keep everyone posted! I am also really excited to announce that Prana Physical Therapy is co-sponsoring a workshop at Gold’s Gym, Alexandria on December 3-4.  My friend Mike Fitch of Global Bodyweight Training is bringing his Animal Flow Workout to the D.C. area. This workshop is geared toward health and fitness professionals as well as advanced bodyweight training enthusiasts.  The workshop is the first step in getting certified to teach Animal Flow classes. Mike developed this system of exercises and has […]

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Let’s get to the point!

When I tell people that I can address their myofascial pain with many different modalities, including Trigger Point Dry Needling, they often get a funny look on their face.  The first question is usually, “What is dry needling?”  Once I explain it, they usually have one of two responses: 1) Let’s do it, I’m game to try anything that will make this pain go away! or 2) Uh, I don’t think so, I hate needles. Next Day Loans My hope is that the following information will answer some questions for the folks in group #2 and explain why the short term discomfort of needling goes a long way to eliminating the root causes of pain. As always, feel free to call or email with questions. Trigger Point Dry Needling Trigger Point Dry Needling is an effective physical therapy modality used in conjunction with other interventions in the treatment of orthopedic injuries with a component of myofascial pain and dysfunction. get cash within 1 hour What is dry needling?  A physical therapist with specialized post-graduate training uses Trigger Point Dry Needling as part of their treatment protocol with appropriate patients.  In the State of Virginia, a physical therapist utilizes Trigger Point Dry Needling when specified by the patient’s physician in their physical therapy order.  A solid filament needle is inserted into the skin and muscle directly at a myofascial trigger point.  A trigger point consists of multiple contraction knots, which are related to the production and maintenance of the pain cycle. When inserting the needle into the muscle, it is essential to elicit twitch responses, which are spinal cord reflexes.  The twitch response is both diagnostic and therapeutic, as it is the first step in breaking the pain cycle. Is dry needling acupuncture?  No, Trigger Point Dry Needling is based on […]

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Gotta Love Autocorrect!

Alright, up front I have to say that this was not originally going to be today’s topic……..however, it was so funny and ironic that I had to share.  I was texting a message today and must have started spelling the word “insurance” incorrectly, because all of a sudden the word uninsured popped up and my mind read it as “uninsurance”……..and I laughed out loud at the thought of uninsurance because that’s what most of us have!  We all pay a ridiculous amount of money for “insurance” that often fails when we need it most.  How often have you been forced to either discharge a patient or make them sign a self-pay waiver (Aetna…..25 visits, anyone) because of their insurance? How many patients get upset that their insurance prevents them from seeing the provider they want to see? (Medicare patients, anyone)?  Ever have a patient whose insurance won’t cover an MRI until they have had a trial of physical therapy and failed all conservative treatment? How absurd that our insurance companies are often the ones preventing us from accessing the care we need. As P.T.’s and also as healthcare consumers/patients, we have to take a stand against this.  This shift is happening slowly, as more patients and therapists get to the end of their rope and abandon traditional insurance based healthcare; but, we are still the minority. My current beef is with Medicare.  As a P.T., I can never, ever opt-out of Medicare.  Believe me, I checked into it for days to get to the bottom of this.  I was actually told by Highmark, our local Medicare carrier, that as a P.T. I could opt-out, they even directed me to the form I could use. But, after running this by many other therapists, and the APTA, I found out that the […]

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